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The Horror Workshop (2023)

The Horror Workshop

Featured projects will be: Scary Shorts – a web series adapted from original creepypastas, Creepy Readings – audio-visual recordings with narrated horror stories, R-Rated – review show focused on all things horror, Brutal Anatomy… – a deep dive analysis and academic examination into the horror genre,  World of Darkness – focusing on the paranormal cases and other strange phenomena (from UFOs to hauntings), and Cold Storage – a show dedicated to true crime and unsolved mysteries.

There will also be a future podcast: The Graveyard Shift – featuring interviews and hosts ranging from different areas of the horror genre as well as topics ranging from the dark, strange and mysterious; and Shadow Gallery – dedicated to the horror indie game market.

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Founder + Creative Director / Producer: Bernardo Sena

The Horror Workshop online platform will be a new media channel exclusively launched on Rumble, as well as on YouTube. It will feature quality horror content. The purpose for the brand is to make horror scary again, a return to true horror, substance with style.

This brand will dedicate itself to all topics relating to the horror genre specifically: film, shorts, TV, web series, creepypastas, video games, publications, and other assorted subject matter.

The Horror Workshop will also be a distributor and production brand for future quality horror content: feature-length films, short films, web series, audio shows, publications and video games.

Currently underway in production of Scary Shorts Season 1 as well as pre-production in Liminal Space, a feature-length horror film based in Berlin.