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Liminal Horror Project (2024)

Liminal Horror Project

A man in the stupor of his depression wakes up like any ordinary day, goes about his business and routine and passes through a doorway to find himself no longer in the world he once remembers. Everything is different, the physics, time and space function differently, he has somehow entered a reality-backstage area – a place where people and things disappear to when they no longer are tuned into the frequency of our known reality.

As he ventures into this strange world, he uncovers more and more about the location he is in, and must survive the ordeals of what lurks and wanders this world.


Upcoming feature-length film based on the topic of liminal space and liminality (psychology). This project will be developed as an independent production financed by private equity, and entirely Berlin-based in terms of locations and situation, however it will be developed for the international market. 

The concept of a liminal space encompasses physical spaces that, due to their function, are transitional in nature – hallways, waiting rooms, parking lots, shopping centres, and rest stops are the archetypical examples of such places. Liminal space aesthetics relate to the unique feelings of eeriness, nostalgia, and apprehension people report when presented with such places outside of their designed context; most notable, their function as intermediary points between origin and destination. For instance, an empty stairwell or hospital corridor at night might look sinister or uncanny because these places are usually brimming with life and movement. Therefore, the absence of external stimuli (such as conversations, people moving around, or any kind of dynamism) creates an otherworldly and forlorn atmosphere.

Writer + Director + Producer: Bernardo Sena