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The world needs more Mozarts, however society seems more concerned in producing Salieris.

Bernardo is an American-Portuguese film director, creative producer, and writer with a background in graphic design, acting, performance and the visual arts. Born in New York City, but brought up in Brussels, Belgium he has a diverse experience having worked in London, Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon and now in Berlin, Germany. He has worked and developed within various industries ranging from publishing, arts and culture, commercials and film, and for several years the online/new media arena. His work has been screened and featured in both the art and film world. 

Bernardo trained in cinematographic studies and visual arts in the Brussels School of Arts (Belgium), and furthered his skills studying as a film director and screenwriter at the University of Westminster School of Media, Arts, and Design (London, UK) – graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Film and TV Production.

Bernardo is a rarity in the current marketplace for creative content. With a rich background and expertise in various topics and areas ranging from: folklore and mythology, ancient traditions and world cultures, psychology, the occult, philosophy, Internet culture, history and fine arts. A researcher and academic in spirit, but a passionate artist and storyteller at heart. What makes him different to the crowd is that he chooses to observe, analyse, and aggregate information, and trends from the current zeitgeist; whilst referencing established models and styles to develop new and inspiring ideas for projects.

Unconventional, pragmatic, determined, and ambitious are the best words to describe his character.

Bernardo has been associated and worked with directors and producers: Boris LehmanBenoît PooelvoordeDamon PackardMargaret Williams, Richard StanleyKen RussellMike FiggisProfessor Hans-Joachim BerndtHarald SieblerRalf Schmerberg, and Simon Verhoeven