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The Secret Order (2016)

The Secret Order

“In this world, there are secrets in the most ordinary places. The depths of age-old mysteries hidden, far from the world we know. Since time immemorial there have been secret meetings between the power brokers of civilizations.

Transcendent over eras, these individuals created the foundation of their obscure organizations, operating on the edge of the visible, mundane world. It is their very existence that has contributed towards the mythology of our world history.

The necessity of these secret orders ensures a cosmic balance of power, directed from the darkness of eternal night up to the light of day, advancing measures towards the world’s destiny.”

The Secret Order follows the lives of 4 main characters (Vincent, Maximillian, Nadiya, and Zakari) all are members of the same secret society, based in Berlin, Germany (with branches all over the Western world). Our protagonists deal with their every day public life and personal conflicts, as well as coming to terms with their duties and position within The Secret Order, uncovering more about their roles and the overall aims of the organisation. The narrative is developed as a series and follows the journey of self-discovery for our characters as well an exploration of the hidden, secret world of their order and those that belong to it. 

The project follows a similar premise as The Sopranos and The Da Vinci Code, to create an innovative, fresh, and new take on the themes of secret societies/occult mysteries as well as the thriller/drama genre. The Secret Order presents the viewer with what it’s like to be a high-ranking member of a secret society, following the lives of the 4 very diverse protagonists, whose fates are intertwined by their association to the secret society, and how that fits with the ordinary world outside. The project emphasises the idiom and the quote by W. H Auden: “There’s always another story. There’s more than meets the eye.

Pitch Developed for: ProSieben
Original Concept + Writer + Creative Developer: Bernardo Sena