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Persona (2010)


Summary: A long time ago I remember being told that if I stared into a mirror – straight at the eyes of my reflection – I would swap sous with my reflection. So, being a curious kid I decided to try it out and see for myself, only something happened, and I blacked out. Throughout the rest of my life I would have blackouts, the doctor said it was due to low blood pressure or something. One day I decided to stare at myself again in the mirror, that’s when things went bad. I had another blackout – only this time I didn’t wake up… until now. Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here? I need to find the answers to these questions, otherwise I will be a prisoner unto my own self

The concept for this game was to split it into three parts, three separate games. The first being first-person, the second being first and third-person, and the third instalment being more of a strategic overview game, similar to a simulator.

The game has not been fully designed, however the world, levels, enemies, overall storyline, and weapons have been outlined. As well as game mechanics (weapon-use etc.) It has never been published to date, however it remains retained by Bernardo Sena for future release.

Writer + Creative Designer: Bernardo Sena

Your character is first person, known as Persona (can be selected as male or female), wakes up after being in a coma for several years – they’re not sure where they are, who they are and why they’re there. All they know is that they needs to find answers to all of these questions in order to find a way out of this predicament and return home – where ever that may be…

As you search for the answers to your questions you must journey through a strange and terrifying world, where your adventures take you to challenging heights.

Throughout the first instalment of the game you must solve three missions which are:

WHERE ARE YOU? This is solved in the First Level in the Unfinished Ziggurat, and gives you a better understanding of the location you’re in.

WHY ARE YOU THERE? This is clarified by the Second Level which takes place in the Acropolis outside of the Unfinished Ziggurat. You begin to realise through your own devices (flashbacks, research and information) as well as those from the Obsidian Realm why you have been stranded there.

WHO ARE YOU? The final question holds the ultimate truth as to who you are, you can only find this out at the very end of the game once you have travelled through the End Times Tower, (a huge tower that looks like an enormous sun-dial monolith) and gaze upon your own reflection finally – to remember who you are.