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Lost In Translation (2018)

Abstract short film developing on the idea of language and communication, as well as the strange dynamic of interactions and interrogations. Part of an over-arching series that comprises Bernardo Sena’s literary Dark Matters universe.

Agent Torquemada the Grand Interrogator, of the allusive and mysterious The Firm, grills the equally strange, and bizarre suspect linked to a murder scene. The tense and confusing interrogation begins to degrade into chaotic mindlessness, with Torquemada at his wit’s end to get the answers he needs. Where is Raymond? and where is Grey Point? In the end nothing is clear… But then perhaps that is the point. Nothing is what it appears to be.

Producer + Director + Editor: Bernardo Sena
DoP: Frank Liborius Hellweg

Submitted and selected for FILMAKA short film competition: Lost in Translation 
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